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This tracker LEECHTURKS is powered by LeechTurks - LTS. The following is version detail.

Main VersionNexusPHP
Sub VersionStandard v1.5 Beta 4
Release Date2010-08-19

About LeechTurks - LTS

LeechTurks - LTS is initiated by a bunch of guys in Zhejiang University, China who call themselves 'Nexus Team'. It is dedicated to be the replacement of TBSource project and present a complete solution to create a resource sharing community with members of credit, order and knowledge.

The first stage of LeechTurks - LTS forks from TBSource. We offer an extensive feature set that does not exist in or far superior to the original TBSource code with greatly improved code efficiency. Besides TBSource, we also borrow some ideas or code from other private trackers, e.g. Bit-HDTV,, SceneTorrents.

About Authorization

If you like to use LeechTurks - LTS to power your tracker, feel free to contact us.

About Translation

LeechTurks - LTS supports user-side site language switch. The master language is English.

If your language is not (yet) available and you are interested in translating it, please read the translation HOWTO and contact us. We always welcome new translations. Also, the available translations can always use a helping hand, especially those marked as outdate, incomplete or in need of new translators.

English Englishup-to-date
简体中文 简体中文up-to-date
Turkish Turkishincomplete
Bulgarian Bulgarianunavailable
Croatian Croatianunavailable
Czech Czechunavailable
Danish Danishunavailable
Dutch Dutchunavailable
Estonian Estonianunavailable
Finnish Finnishunavailable
French Frenchunavailable
German Germanunavailable
Greek Greekunavailable
Hebrew Hebrewunavailable
Hungarian Hungarianunavailable
Italian Italianunavailable
日本語 日本語unavailable
한국어 한국어unavailable
Norwegian Norwegianunavailable
Other Otherunavailable
Polish Polishunavailable
Portuguese Portugueseunavailable
Romanian Romanianunavailable
Russian Russianunavailable
Serbian Serbianunavailable
Slovak Slovakunavailable
Spanish Spanishunavailable
Swedish Swedishunavailable
繁體中文 繁體中文unavailable
Slovenian Slovenianunavailable
Thai Thaiunavailable

About Stylesheet

The layout of LeechTurks - LTS is fully CSS-based designed, which allows maximum user interface customization and makes adding new stylesheets easy.

The following is a list of currently available stylesheets at this tracker LEECHTURKS. If you want more stylesheets or feel like to design your own one, contact us.

BlueFRLD FreeLandHDBits clone
Blasphemy Orange ZantetsuBit-HDTV clone
Classic LeechTurksTBSource original mod

Contact LeechTurks - LTS

Wanna join us? Get suggestions or find bugs? Talk about business? Contact us in any of the following ways.

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